Set down that Bucket List!  A life you love shouldn't be relegated to a list of dreamed-of activities in the future.  Sure, plan that skydiving trip but if think on a daily basis that your life sucks, you are missing the forest through the trees. A happy fulfilling life doesn't have to wait for retirement.  Or a marriage.  Or a divorce, for that matter. It can happen now. 

Now, people. 

But here's the deal.  It takes work and vulnerability.  It takes courage to be real with yourself and at times, that can be terrifying.  So if you're looking for fluffy bullshit affirmations and promises of ease,  you probably don't want to hang out with me.  (Especially if you're uncomfortable with cussing.)

For me, it took years of chronic pain to embrace the simple truths that were already right under my nose.  Life is too short to not laugh more, stress less and live authentically.

Short testimonial on how I healed given at the "All The Rage" documentary screening in beautiful Sedona, AZ, June, 2017.

I blog regularly on BS-free living, the perils of menopause (and pesky chin hair control), and whatever else may flash through my monkey mind.  If you're looking for my older scribblings - on topics like homeschooling and my former humor column pieces, you can find scads of stuff right here. 

Mostly though, I just want to encourage you.  Here's a few more ways in which I do that.