Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to wear Birkenstocks and bring magic crystals? 

No and NO.  Coaching is not something from the woo-woo sphere.  It doesn’t require tapping, special belief,  a training program or a subscription to the Guru of the Day.  Coaching has its basis in positive psychology and has withstood research’s scrutiny for showing positive, measurable effects.  There will be no chanting, burning of incense or magic fairy dust. (However, if you desire this, I can certainly accommodate you!) This is about clearing the clutter and getting down to brass tacks, and taking action. 

Can anybody call themselves a coach?

That would be affirmative.  The profession of coaching is still in its infancy.  Which means anyone can call themselves a life coach. While I'm not fond of government regulations, they do exist for a keep people from harming others.  Such as someone calling themselves a coach and then trying to act as a trained therapist to the detriment of the client. I encourage you to interview any perspective coach. 

Ask about their training and their understanding of coaching.  Do they have any certification or credentials?  Ask if they themselves are being coached. (For the record, I have received certification in both basic and advanced professional coaching.  I receive coaching from a coaching mentor as well.) Finally, ask for references from former or current clients. 

Why is it so damn expensive?

I am a consummate bargain shopper.  I read menus from right to left and trained my kids to beeline for the clearance racks when clothes shopping.  It's a great strategy for running a household on a single income, like we did when we were homeschooling our kids. Like any professional services you seek - you must consider the value along with the value it will add to your life.  Coaching brings the opportunity to improve in both measurable and nuanced ways - from gaining clarity in your business to improving relationships with your loved ones.

Please note - I am aware that sometimes, it just isn't in the budget.  I accept, on a limited basis, clients on a student rate. Just ask! 


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