Clean Thinking

I chuckle when I hear the phrase “clean eating.”  This means that someone is striving to eat organic, non-GMO, vegan, healthy, wholesome, wheat-free, etc.  When my grandma was a girl – there was no such phrase.  People just ate food that wasn’t processed. 

For some it’s an obsession.  Something we can afford today in a country where food is plentiful and relatively inexpensive.  And marketers are always putting a new spin on some obscure nutrient that will change your life.  (That’ll be 29.95 for a month’s supply, please.)

I think even more important than “clean eating” is clean thinking.  Our worry and preoccupation with what we’re putting into our mouths is, I would contend, more of a health risk than a diet sprinkled with occasional Doritos and minimal exercise.

Clean thinking facilitates a mind at peace and is able to see positive outcomes where there appear to be none. 

Clean thinking sees possibilities instead of difficulty.  Clean thinking is and/with thinking instead of either/or. 

Bonus: It will probably help you with healthier diet choices as well.