Sell the Sizzle

In the world of marketing, there is a saying, “Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle.”  In other words – don’t tell them about the low price on that steak or how it is perfectly marbled or any other thing that processes through the rational mind.  People who study such thing tells us that most buying decisions are based on emotions.  Those emotions are created through skilled story telling.

Marketers know this.  That’s why there are beautiful young models in car ads and ads for diabetic supplies are hustled by supposedly active seniors ascending a mountain summit. 

We’re not buying protein for a meal.  We’re buying the sizzle of the steak when it’s flipped on the grill.  We’re buying the happy kids playing in the yard while the adults crack open an ice cold beer.  We’re buying memories and happiness.  (Even my description of this scene has been shaped by marketers.)

Most are not trained, though, to apply this to their life’s goals and it’s to our detriment.  Don’t merely tell yourself you “want to lose weight to be healthier.”  Tell yourself  you’re going to lose 25 pounds and get rid of the muffin top that spills out over your “fat” jeans so you can salsa sans jiggle.  Feel the sizzle.

Don’t draw up another budget and post it on your fridge.  You’ve done that for years and you’re still broke and struggling.  Envision your child walking across the stage to get their degree.  Or your smiling spouse as you sail the Caribbean  on a fully paid cruise. Sizzle, baby.

Our hard wired love of stories and the emotions they elicit can be the jet fuel to empower your dreams.