Getting to Know You

I’m so glad we don’t greet fellow humans the way dogs introduce themselves.  For those unfamiliar with the canine ritual, they get down to business right away.  After a quick overview of the other dog’s temperament and ranking in the doggy kingdom, they circle around one another to get a nice fresh whiff of the other’s butt.  Evidently, this tells them important things about one another.  Of what I have no clue but there it is. 

I’ll stick with handshake and “pleased to meet you,” thank you very much. 

However, I will admit there is sort of a principle there about the dog greeting that I can respect.  That is….they are not afraid to get honest with one another right away.  Might I even say, “vulnerable”?  

I’m not suggesting we start sniffing out one another (eeeew!) but how would things be if we were willing to be more candid and open when we meet and greet one another.