Does this excuse make my but look big?

I’ve been listening to Wayne Dyer’s audio collection.  Being the book junkie that I am, audio books allows me to read while driving, doing dishes or any other mundane tasks.  Keeps the twitches at bay. 

One thing the late Dr. Dyer reminds me of, much to my discomfort, is this simple truth:

I am where I am right now because of the decisions I made yesterday. 

My finances, my level of physical fitness, the health of my relationships, or even the frumpy shirt I’m wearing (and then complain about feeling frumpy,) – I make choices on these every day.  I have one person to blame and/or credit for the results those choices bring…and it is I.  We wield the power of choice both to our detriment and to our benefit.

This power is the only effective thing to reduce the size of one’s but.