Scars on the Soul

Scars are something I am reminded of everyday.  One I have is nearly a foot long -  a reminder of the car accident that nearly snuffed out my lights when I was 17.  The original scar, caused not by injury but rather a chest tube so they could inflate my collapsed lung, was quite small to begin with.  But through the years it has grown.                                              

As I was stretching today – something that scar doesn’t like too much, I was reminded of how scarred our souls become as we journey through this life.  For many people scars are the conclusion of the healing process.  They fade and blend back into the skin.  The scar tissue is tougher, a reminder of our body’s resilience and ability to heal. 

But for some, those scars keep growing and trust me on this, it hurts when it does.  Reliving resentments and getting stuck in negative narratives are fertilizer for soul scars..

After listening to the late Wayne Dyer teaching about “talking” to our body to heal, I’m going to try an experiment with my scar.  The idea was nothing new to me,  the mindbody connection is powerful. But his angle was a bit different from what I practice.  We have more influence over our physical bodies than we realize. 

I’m going to begin asking this scar to settle down.  I’m going to bless it, speak kind words over it….and ask it to stop growing.   

Doesn’t that sound like a good approach to dealing with scarred souls?