The only way to begin

I tried a different cardio machine at the gym the other day.  I was puzzled.  It was some evil stair stepper sort of machine and because I was looking to shake up my routine, I climbed on to it.  The control console resembled the flight deck of a 747, only there were no lights lit up. 

I stood there trying to not feel too conspicuous.  I gingerly tapped buttons. The “quick start” button yielded nothing. Squeezed the handlebars. Pushed buttons more firmly, growing a little anxious – would this thing launch me into an “Insanity” style workout?  I pushed down on the step with my foot.  Nothing. 

I remember my friend telling me that one of his favorite machines wasn’t working and I thought – aha!  That’s the issue.  It’s just not working.  Phew.  I tried – does that count for burning calories?

One of the floor trainers was walking by and I waved him over.  “Is this working okay?” 

He replied, “You gotta start stepping on it to begin.”  I pushed down with my feet, heavier this time.  And shore ‘nuff, it came whirring to life.  And no, it didn’t launch me.  But it did remind me of a valuable lesson.

I was waiting for the machine to start…and the machine was waiting for me. getting in motion.