The Heart of True Education

Give me a good question over an answer.  Our love affair with certainty and absolute beliefs have hamstrung many a curious mind and have limited the options we consider.  It stifles scientific discovery and perpetuates small minded, petty thinking. History is littered with stories of those who dare raise a question, challenging the beliefs of the time.  (Think Galileo, Copernicus, Pasteur and other historic trail blazers.)

This is not only true in the world of scientific discovery, but also in how we perceive the world around us. We cling to our precious beliefs about ourselves and others that short sights us from seeing a broader, more inclusive picture.  And here’s a hint– the more confident and guarded you are over something, the more you may want to open a line of inquiry into that department. 

But don’t expect any inquiries to come without some serious push back.  Be it the “old guard” clinging to Flat Earth beliefs or your ego contesting your willingness to be wrong in a matter or judgment.

True education opens up a world of exploration and discovery.  True education looks beyond what is and asks “What could be?”  It says “What would happen if I did this?”

True education is regarded as risky though because it challenges the status quo.  It holds things with open hands and an open mind.  This is why it’s so delightful watching toddlers explore their world – it reminds us of the freedom beckoning us into a life of true education.