Think. Feel. Do.

There’s a saying in entrepreneurial circles – Ready, aim, fire.  For the uninitiated, this isn’t a shooting lesson.  It refers to seeing your goals – Get prepared, get focused and then – take action.  Cue to the jokes then.  The personality that is always, ready…ready…ready…and they take no action.

Others (ahem, so I have heard,) are more in the Fire, aim and, well clean up on aisle seven. This is the person who takes action without forethought or planning and things go badly.  This approach even though it has taken action, is about as helpful as the person who never moves out of the planning stage. 

I have found a new mantra that I have found to be more helpful.  Think-Feel-Do. 

First, think about the goal you are working toward.  The more specific the details the better.

Second, feel.  I think this is the secret sauce.  We are emotional beings but in our culture we are trained to shut this down in favor of Spock-itizing everything.  (And no, that’s not a word, I just made it up.)  Your emotions can be the jet fuel to move you toward your vision but you can’t tap into that if you’re always rationalizing.  You’re already using your emotions when you get discouraged over your progress or lack there of, right? 

Third - How are you going to FEEL when you accomplish that goal?  Do you feel happy when your pull your jeans on and they are baggy?  How are you going to feel when you make the final payment on your car?  This is powerful stuff!

Finally, do. This is the most empowering step – take action.  And like doing bicep curls to beef up your arms, you will get better with repetition. 

Now, don’t you have some planning to do?