Would You Like a Nervous Breakdown With That?

I remember when grocery stores were switching over to plastic bags and they would ask you “Paper and plastic?”  As a young mom,  it was almost the tipping point for a nervous breakdown.  By the time I had navigated through 32 varieties of canned tomatoes, made budget decisions and evaluated if my kid really needed to use the potty before leaving the store…well, my brain was shriveling. 

She may has well have asked if I would like a nervous breakdown to go with my grocery order.

Most of us don’t realize the amount of decisions we must navigate everyday.  True, many things are done via muscle memory.  You don’t need to think of which leg to put on first when you dress in the morning.  Thank goodness for this or we would all be bogged down in tedium by 9 am. 

Some decisions are important but we often don’t make the most helpful one because of the accumulation of all the smaller ones. Other decisions are in the “paper or plastic” category.  These really aren’t of consequence.

I have found that it is most helpful put some decision on auto pilot so I’m not paralyzed by what to have for breakfast.  I do this a few different ways. 

The important decisions are made in advance.  Exercising daily is a given.  I don’t need to ask IF I’m going to the gym, it’s when.  And then I usually have a few predetermined times. 

I minimize options.  Grocery sales fliers are tempting but I stick to two main grocery stores. When my kids were little I had meal themes for each day of the week (think – Taco Tuesday,) so it minimized the “what to fix for dinner” question. 

Finally, make a decision. Getting bogged down in indecision creates a beast all its own.  But by implementing these few strategies, you can direct your day – without decision fatigue.  Or a nervous breakdown.