T's Journey into Survival Hell - Part 4

We’re All Gonna Die

We are on an expedition to find the best spot to set up camp.  This involves wandering about the area, trying to recall the criteria Cody stated.  I remember the “wigglies and water” part but the other “w” evades me.  Wind? Wile E Coyote?

The tribe dynamics are sorting out.  I tend to take lead in such situations but in this case, there’s a few alpha males who begin a dominance dance.  Another young man in the group is fond of saying “This is a deal breaker.” He is taking the ant patrol seriously but I want to push him over an embankment after he says his pronouncement for the 11th time.  One of the alphas is fixed on finding a spot where the morning sun will warm his face when he awakens.  Warmth? Was that the other w?

This carries on for an hour or two.  Though I can only guess given I have no timepiece. My compulsion to check email and the time every 30 seconds or so, reveals another difficulty I must endure.  That and the fact that my efforts to locate a 5 star motel in the underbrush have been unsuccessful.

We reunite with the other group.  It’s Show and Tell time.  Or rather, it’s Show and Cody Tells Us How We’re Going to Die Because We Didn’t Chose Wisely time. I’m thinking a 5 star motel would take care of all these things in short order but that’s beside the point.

The cat herding exercise continues.  The entire group is now wandering en masse. No one can remember exactly where the chosen spot was.   I want to sit down and there’s no picnic tables out here.  I’m thinking about Daisy, my Bichon Frise, and picturing her in my recliner.  She’s probably got the Netflix remote in her paw and is watching Murdock Mysteries.  

I return from my mental excursion and discover we’ve all died.  Cody is exceedingly patient and matter-of-fact.  This Arizona sun is a huge consideration and shade must be a top priority.  I try to think of a “w” word for shade.  Aw, hell.  I am going to die before this is over.  

Maybe he’ll show us how to etch our final words into a rock.