Want to give coaching a try?

If you're like many people, you're unsure as to what a coach does, unless it's a sports coach.  But one thing you MAY be sure of is this - YOU'RE STUCK.  You can't figure out what you want to be when you grow up.  You're tired of going around the same ole thing time and time again.  You know there must be more to this life, right?  Or perhaps you're suffering with chronic pain and the doctor suggested it may be stress related. 

There is!  And coaching can help you connect with a life you love and help you achieve the things you've dreamed about.

Boy, have I got a deal for you!  I am offering an absolutely FREE 30-minute session with me for you to give coaching a try.  (I will confess a little selfish motive here.  I am working with my mentor coach on my credentialing and I need more sessions under my belt before my next session with my mentor.)

There is a catch...you must fill out the coaching application and sign a coaching agreement prior to our meeting.  There is ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION in doing so.  These are a professional requirement for my credentials. 

Wadda say?  Witness Protection doesn't sound like too much fun so let's talk! 

PS Nervous about coaching but not ready to open that door?  Shoot me an email at: askt@theresalode.com.  Tuesdays are Ask T Tuesday and I'll respond to reader emails - it'll be a little coaching, a pinch of advice with a side order of fun.  You can ask me about healing from chronic pain (Mindbody Syndrome), parenting topics, homeschooling, marriage or....?  If you don't wish to be identified, just use a fake name.