If your pain could talk

If your backache could talk what would it say? You know, there is a reason we use phrases like, “she is a pain in the ass,” or “this job is turns my stomach.”  This sort of language goes beyond a clever way to state something.

We are trained to shut down feelings either through our own internal pressures or by family/societal expectations.  In my home “You shouldn’t” was used a lot.  Coupled with my people pleasing nature, I’ve lived the majority of my 53 years pretty buttoned up emotionally.  When I wanted to slap someone for their egregious behavior, I smiled.  Maybe even apologized for their behavior.  

Pretty crazy stuff.  

I’m not suggesting we start foolishly giving voice to any stream of consciousness temper tantrum.  At least not in the heat of the moment.  

But you DO need to give voice.  My favorite tool is journaling.  Here’s a cool exercise a fellow coach reminded me of the other day and I will pass it along to you.  

In short, write out a question with your dominant hand. I’m right-handed so I write first with that hand.  For example, “Should I move to…?” or “Should I buy…”  “What to do about Sally…” or whatever you’re puzzling over.  

Next step.  Write the answer with your non dominate hand. My left-handed writing is atrocious, btw.  It’s a cool little exercise.  It will slow down your thinking and force your mental processes to go into another part of your brain.  Don’t be surprised if you find some answers to what’s troubling you.  

But back to the pain thing.  Try this exercise with what ever physical issues you’re having. “Back, why are you in knots?”  or “Stomach, why are you so upset?”

You may realize you need to make some adjustments in your life.

I was just doing this journaling exercise this morning over an old symptom that flared up and I was quite surprised with some of the feedback I received.  

I would love to hear your results after you try this exercise!

PS After I finished this, I forgot to point out something very important.  Don’t be surprised if your body keeps turning up the volume on your symptoms if you’re not taking action on what you know you need to do!