Hey T - I don't know where I want to live!

Hey T - I'm a young professional and I don't like the city I live in.  I want to move but I don't know where.  I get overwhelmed thinking about the options.  Where do I begin?  Isaac

Hey Isaac,  I was just talking to a friend of mine who is from Europe.  One thing she pointed out to me is that where she was raised, people don't really go exploring.  They stay put in one city and maybe inherit the family business.  Of course that, that doesn't address your issue at all other than to point out that...YES, you have lots of options.  Isn't that great?

And isn't that a burden?  Researchers find that, from a behavioral standpoint, humans do better with 2-3 options.  If there's five, we get overwhelmed and are more inclined to stay paralyzed by inactivity.  To me, that sounds like what you're struggling with. 

So wadda do?  First, I would encourage you to focus on what you wish to move towards.  As a coach, I find most people are pretty clear on what they DON'T want.  That's important but that doesn't create enough positive mojo to help you move forward.

If you were to imagine your perfect life - what would that look like?  Are you like Sally, collecting seashells by the seashore in your spare time?  Are you enjoying a vibrant nightclub life?  Bird watching? 

As you consider these things, play close attention to how you feel...both emotionally and physically.  We are trained to disregard these valuable helpers in favor of a "pros/cons" list and because of it, we fail to tap into the wealth of wisdom we already have.  

Taking this approach as opposed to "where can I find a job" is going to yield a much happier life, me thinks.  I am amazed at how in my own life how things open up when I get clarity on something.  I've also seen this also as a coach.   It's almost like the universe is waiting for you to move forward into a happy life.  

I hope this helps you begin the clarifying process!