It is not your friend

It loves guilt.  It is quick to point the finger at outside forces or people.  One of its favorite pastimes is trying to figure things out.  Endlessly.  It loves to contrast and compare and then point out how much you lack.  It thrives on fear and worry – a tactic that amplifies every challenge until you are immobilized and reaching for a 10am glass of whiskey. 

I’m not talking about a draining friend or a dysfunctional relative.  I’m talking about a constant companion we all have – the ego. 

I have often thought of ego as the blowhard that talks too loud and boasts about his glory days on the football fear.  Or “The Corporate Climber” who is constantly angling for their own benefit.  The dude at the gym who swaggers from one machine to the next. 

Oh, ego is that.  But it is so much more than self aggrandizing behavior. 

Ego is a component in each and every human being.  It’s a necessary component – especially in the first half of life when we are building our lives.  It’s not so good when it’s running the show because ego isn’t where love and grace can grow. 

Ego isn’t where our True Self or Higher Self operates.  Allowing ego and all its insecure fears to dictate your day is going to keep you limited, unhappy and more than likely – dealing with some sort of physical health issue. Ego would rather send a physical distraction because it will keep you chasing that instead of getting real with yourself. (Backache, anyone?)

Ego is more concerned about looking good than it is living authentically.  It is more concerned about being correct, than having connection. 

Ego is not your friend and you need to deal with it as a firm parent with a challenging toddler.  Love yourself and all aspects of your personality, but beware of its ploys.