When Navy Seals live in your head

I recently started seeing a therapist to help me deal with some recurring issues.  (BTW - I have long held the belief that EVERYONE can use a good therapist at some time in their life.)  While I am a huge fan of life coaching, (I work with a coach regularly,)  sometimes one needs the expertise and training of a licensed counselor.  Actually, it was my coach who suggested working with a therapist for a few sessions.  A good coach recognizes the scope of their practice and refers out when necessary. 

In my case, sometimes my "git 'er done" drives crosses a line over into anxiety.  I love how my therapist refers to anxiety: It's like having Navy Seals in your head.  These bad boys are on heightened alert all.the.time. 

Being a word picture sort of gal, I love this analogy.  It gets even better.  When I came home and told Jay about the Navy Seals thing, he told me that he had just started watching a documentary series on the seals.  So of course, I had to watch it. 

Here's a few of the things I learned that helped me better understand the dynamics of anxiety via a Navy Seals analogy.

  • Navy Seals maintain a hair-on-fire sense of urgency (minus any hand flapping, ha) when they are on duty.  They are FOCUSED big time.  This is good for military operations.  Living at Def Con 5 is not a good way to live on a daily basis.
  • Stealth is everything.  These guys can move through a jungle with the quietude of a mouse peeing on a cotton ball.  Unfortunately, when we humans are in pain – and I find this especially so for mental/emotional pain, we tend to go quiet and withdraw.  No bueno. 
  • They strike hard and fast.  Again, good for rescuing prisoners or stealing a cookie.  NOT good when a trip to the store triggers a panic attack. 

I’m telling my Navy Seals to stand down with the help of my new best friend. 

PS Keep in mind -  Just because we get older doesn’t mean issues from years gone by are gone.  I suspect that on a deep level, we are just not ready to delve into painful things until we’re able to “go there.”  Our magnificent mindbody will signal when it’s time – often via a health crisis, either mental or physical, or a turn of circumstances forces you to address it.