Upcoming She Camps Event!

Folks, I am so excited to part of She Camps. What is She Camps? This video will explain.

We gather in circle around the flames of passion, we gaze, we dream, and share our stories.
We are moved to let go of the things that hold us back and take action to create the business and life we love.

She Camps is a series of programs designed for women on a mission. Whether you are working on a big project, developing a side hustle, or starting your own business, the ‘She Camps’ programs can help you reach your goals with the support and guidance of other women along the way.

WingSpace founder, Melanie Banayat, has started, owned and operated a handful of businesses over the past 35+ years, and her experiences have led her to develop a passion for supporting and guiding other female dreamers, doers and idea makers. Melanie has pulled together a powerhouse group of female leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs to help design, staff, and co-facilitate these programs.