What to do if you inherit a storage unit

I love the analogies between life coaching and organizing. I’ve long said that I help people declutter their homes, heads and hearts. Clutter is the stuff that takes up needed space and keeps you from living an intentional life. Its variations are legion. I’ve helped people with storage units that they inherited but I also see emotional storage units that are passed down.

What do I mean by emotional storage units? Those habits and believes you’ve inherited from your parents, who inherited them from their parents, and so on. Some of these things serve you well. Others not so much - especially when they contain toxic bias's and/or a fixed mindset.

Physical storage units are much easier to deal with. And here’s my quick and dirty how to deal with an inherited storage unit:

You order a dumpster, a pizza, some beer, and invite some help. Boom. Finished in a day. If there are items of value - consult with a consignment shop if you don’t want to mess with selling it yourself. And here’s a freebie: The younger generation isn’t interested in grandma’s silver or china. They just aren't. (I’ve seen people try to give that sort of stuff away!)