Less is more

I found myself standing in a long line that was snaked around the building.  I was shivering because it was cold.  I saw a woman walk by with a cup of Starbucks and I resisted the urge to tackle her for the hot cup.  “They’re serving it up there,” I heard someone say. 

What the heck is the matter with me, I thought. All I needed was a tent and my camping rocket stove with a pot o’ coffee bubbling away.  Maybe I could be one of those crazy people on the news, “Woman camps out in anticipation of grand opening!”

My sisters, whom I adore and love spending time with, are ever the bargain shoppers and here we were standing in line 20 minutes before the grand opening of the newest Good Will. (Okay, we weren’t there overnight, but it felt like it.)  The free donut and coffee helped cheer my inner curmudgeon. 

I’m not fond of Good Will.  They’ve gone corporate and their high prices and low wages to their workers reflect it.  (I much prefer local thrift stores that benefit local causes.)

The day before I was reading a new book on hoarding and all I could think of was the ultimate pain this dopamine induced shopping spree was going to cause later in the homes and hearts of the people with carts piled high of stuff because it was a good deal.

I love getting things second hand by the way, when it is stuff that I am actually in need of.  It’s simply more sustainable and there is nothing like opening a closet door and finding plenty of room.

Less is more.