A cup of meh

We got a new coffee maker.  It doesn’t make coffee – it brews a cup of meh.  Coffee’s not hot and the whole outfit from cord to pot is poorly designed.  (What’s up with a one foot cord?  I smell a lawyer.)

I’ll admit, I bought it on a whim.  Our old coffee maker was taking nearly a half hour to brew and in a world where coffee is a medical necessity, this was unacceptable.  So, when I saw this one at a good price in Costco, I tossed it into my cart. 

And now, here I sit drinking my warmish cup of meh.  Costco’s return policy is going to eat this one. 

This makes me think of the other mehs I tolerate because it takes effort to un-meh it.  I want to live a vibrant, fully charged life – like a good cup of coffee.