What if it's not all about you?

Jay and I were pondering some of the difficulties we’ve been experiencing the past few months.  If you’re alive, I know you’ve had more than your share as well.  I have long held the belief that this life is a soul journey – everything and everyone you encounter in your path is prefiltered and prescreened by Providence and meant to teach you something. 

I’m not suggesting a fatalistic or passive approach to live in saying this.  Many times (more often than not?) we create our own messes by the choices we have made.  Are you willing to learn from these things? But I am also saying that we need to learn to be more accepting of the present time being. Doing so tends to unbunch undies and allow for deeper breathing. Maybe even laugh little more.

It’s a very individual thing.  But it isn’t just about me and my individual path.

News flash – It isn’t all about you either.  We need each other.  What if the pain I have experienced and healed from can be used to alleviate the suffering of another?  What if the parenting mistakes I have grieved over have actually forged steel in the soul of the child?

What if the pain and shame of bankruptcy can be used to help another prevent their financial disaster?

We heal best when we heal together.