This message has no contentd

Is it just me and my aging phone/computer or do you get these too?  You get an email, usually from a mailing list, and the message line will read “This message has no content.”  Alrighty then. An empty email!  Into the trash bin you go!

At least the disclosure is honest.  I think most of the stuff we listen to or read today could be describe as having no content.  Ditto for much of the stuff we even say….it has no content.  I can’t think of a better way to illustrate this than to look to social media. 

We parrot memes and platitudes back and forth and when we feel like we’re not being heard, we just turn up the volume (and the vitriol).  The irony is, we are all wired for connection, for community and yes, communication. We need it now more than ever.  The real stuff.

If you find yourself increasing your volume and playing to an empty house, maybe it’s time to add some content.