Hands separate

I am aspiring to become a Zumba instructor.  Oh, I have the license to lead a class but having a license and having the skills are two different things.  Which is why, if you pass by my house in the morning and look in the window, you may see what appears to be signs of a struggle.

Since I avoid the windows when the shades are open, I am probably more in peril of Jay losing it over  the day’s earworm of “Se Fue” or “Havana.”  This happens when one plays a song over and over and over. 

It’s a slow process for me and one that reminds me of the admonishment of my piano teacher from years ago.  When learning a new piece, she would write, “Hands separate” on top of the music.  This would remind me to play, uh, I think you can figure that out. 

Breaking things down into smaller steps goes against my impatient nature. I just want to get.it.done!  But it’s good advice for whatever we do.  Be it learning a piano piece or just practicing the foot steps of new choreography sans movement decorations.

Whatever goal you’re working on or new skill you’re learning – remember – Hands separate.