Are you ready for a MLM?

My friend went to a network meeting the other night. “I lasted 15 minutes,” she said, laughing.  The event was in reality, a pitch for the latest Multi Level Marketing “opportunity.” 

I have an issue with MLMs.  Their sly marketing ploys and misrepresentation of their business model is the reason why most people run when they are being pitched.  (Please don’t send me email about how your company is different!)  Sure, MLMs can work…for a very small amount of people. 

There’s another MLM that I think folks over 40 should all subscribe to.  That is a MidLife Makeover.  This MLM doesn’t require a downline and your friends won’t start avoiding you.   It doesn’t require a monthly minimum purchase and you don’t have to eyeball everyone you meet as a prospect. 

We love stories of transformation.  Weight loss stories, rags to riches, sickness to health and so on. 

So why do we allow ourselves to stagnant and grow increasingly unhappy when we hit our 40s and 50s?  I would also argue that the REAL reason for the development of so called age related health issues are really an unheeded invitation to transformation.

You are not the same person you were in your 20s.  Experience has changed you – for the better or for the worse.  Midlife provides the opportunity to revisit some of your earlier dreams and visions.  And the glorious thing, now you have the experience to actually pull it off!