The con in your sub-conscience

Con men/women are everywhere.  Closer than you realize actually.  And I’m not talking about the fellow trying to get you to buy beach front property in Alaska. 

There’s one resident in that 2 pound pile of Jell-o contained in your cranium.  It’s called your sub-conscience.  This is where all the old programming is stored that keeps telling you outright lies, warning you about dangers that aren’t there, or telling you things like “you’re not worthy to have a happy life.” 

And it’s call SUB conscience because all this is operating in deep dive mode – outside of your awareness. Think of think of the classic movie “Run Silent, Run Deep.” And yeah, the Beatles had it right. Most of us ARE living in a submarine - yellow or not. ;)   This programming develops in childhood through influences of family, culture and school. 

What’s really sad is that most adults are still stuck in patterns that may have helped them survive their chaotic childhood, but it hamstrings them every time they try to move forward with a plan to change. 

We are not hapless victims to this programming.  Quit conning yourself by refusing to believe everything you think.