What are the possibilities?

Jay and I were discussing some of our upcoming changes.  A biggie is moving from our present home and launching into being fulltime RVers.  It’s been a dream for many years.  We love the idea of tiny homes and a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity. 

Not to say that this doesn’t have scary elements.  Change always feels uncomfortable and frightening.  (If you are immune from this, I’ll have what you’re drinking, please.) Which brings me to a challenge that we came up with. 

Being practical, educated people we consider ideas with an open mind, envisioning possibilities and feeling happily overwhelmed by the options. 

Haha – just kidding.  New ideas can send us and our lizard brain scurrying into our little caves. Our pattern goes something like this:

Jay – Hey – what do you think about this idea?

T – Well, it’s okay BUT… 


T – We could do this…

Jay – Here are the challenges I see…

And then…well, that’s the end of the vision casting.  Bonus points for butt hurt over the idea being shut down. 

So we decided that instead of countering an idea right out of the chute, we would instead say, “What are the possibilities?”

Suddenly, it becomes safer to share crazy ideas and creativity is allowed to bring new outlook and solutions.   Options expand and the world looks a little more friendly.

It is amazing what this shift can do for your perspective.  Throw a monkey wrench in your tired negative prognostications and try it yourself.  What are the possibilities?