Thoreau didn’t have a toilet

That was my random thought was I starting dumping boxes of stuff into our new home – a 24’ travel trailer.  Nor did he have central heating and cooling.  So I am grateful that this first step in our own MLM has creature comforts. 

MLM?  No, we’re not in Amway.  Jay and I are in the process of our Mid Life Makeover.  Truth be told, we’re very likely beyond midlife as I doubt that we’ll live to 107.  (Nor do I care to!)

Really, if you are unhappy, anytime in life is a good time to create a new life.  Every day, I meet people who are living, “quiet lives of desperation,” as Thoreau put it.  Only, those lives aren’t so quiet anymore – they’re loud and they’re pissed, thanks to social media.

If you’re unhappy with your job, daydream of chucking it all and living in a cabin in the woods, you, my friend, need a life makeover. 

And that’s what Jay and I are embarking on.  We have long dreamed of living a life of voluntary simplicity.  What this looks like for us is reducing living quarters and expenses and increasing intentionality in how we live.  Reducing distractions, increasing focus on what matters to us.  Less home maintenance, more time to play.  Less Netflix, more cozy talks under the stars with loved ones. 

We will do this as serve as site hosts for our favorite nature site.  Since we moved to Prescott nearly four years ago, we have frequented  their trails twice a week or so.  We’ve taken coffee out there to just sit and soak in the silence. 

Now to think we will be LIVING there!  We feel like we won the lottery.

This next year we look forward to getting a fresh look at our lives and retooling for what I believe will be the best years to come.  It’s is scary? Damn straight it is.  There are lots of emotions – especially since the youngest has flown the coop.  We will embrace it all.  And each other.  (I love you, Jay.)

Some of our goals right now: Get my book over the finish line (almost there!), finish some other books, and get my podcast, “Create a New Life ,” launched and of course, COACH!  (I can meet local clients under those beautiful aspen trees or Skype from the scrub oaks.)   

Jay will continue to focus on his small business clients while also building our rock and gem business, “The Rusty Lode,LLC.”

My next post will probably be written underneath the Aspens. I look forward to it.