The Presence Process

This is a must read book if you find yourself triggered with the same ole from years ago.  For example, why do you get annoyed over and over again by your pet peeves?  Clerks that don't return your smile, idiot drivers that beckon you through a stop sign out of turn (uh, a friend has that issue,) or certain people that just  

I do a lot of reading on mind/body stuff so I was surprised at the on-going amount of AHAs! that this book is providing.  The author, Michael Brown, went on a healing journey that lasted several years.  Through it all, he developed what he calls The Presence Process.  He healed himself of a very painful autoimmune disease - something the doctors said was hopeless.  

Like many spiritual teachers, Brown is a proponent of meditation and specifically meditation that focuses on breathwork.  

He also looks at triggers in a slightly different light than I've ever heard.  He calls those moments of irritation as "messengers.  No, that person who just triggered you isn't a jerk (even though they might be, but that is beside the point because we're talking about disarming that trigger from within.)  

Instead, that emotion ("energy in motion") because it is reflecting on a childhood experience that has not been processed and integrated.  If you've been in therapy, you may recognize those words.

We have so many things that happened to use as children and we lacked the language to process - so it gets stored in the body as physical sensations and emotions.   

Meditation allows time for these things to get processed through. And this is not a mental recollection of things, either.  It is simply sitting and allowing the wisdom of the body to sort things out.  Of course, it is much easier to read about this than it is to implement 2 15 minute sessions a day.  

My success in meditation is flickering, at best.  But this book is goading me enough to get more disciplined in my efforts.  

I encourage you to check out the book.