Troublesome tech

You know things are reaching melting point when the little woodland creatures scurry into the brush and Jay is hiding in the very, very small bathroom.  (Remember, we live in a camper.) 

I had just finished doing a 15 minute mindfulness exercise and was feeling pretty good about my accomplishment, in a non-attached sort of way.  I had even waited a whole 10 minutes before even peeking at the timer.  

As I wandered back slowly from today's morning stroll, I was wondering if I would ever ascend to the state of having a glowy, beatific face like Moses when he returned from his encounter with God.  

Well, that all went out the window when I fired up my computer to sort out some tech issues.  I'm sure my face got glowy alright but it sure wasn't from any divine encounters.  

I shared my anguish on Facebook and a friend replied.  I withheld my urge to dog pile all my troubles upon her.  She helped me sort out the issues.  

The woodland creatures have returned.  And Jay can stretch his limbs again.  

Back to work now... 




I was on my way to a nervous breakdown, or at the minimum a good cry, when an angel appeared and helped me.  

Why is it that we often wait for Defcon 5 (that's the "she's gonna blow!" stage) to get help?  I often remember the wise words of Mister Rogers  to "look for the helpers."  It's true.