Kick ass coaching

When I tell folks that I’m a professional life coach, it often means taking a moment to explain what a life coach does.  It doesn’t involve sports or woo-woo speak.  So what exactly DOES a life coach? 

We help people sort out their shit.  We listen.  We ask uncomfortable questions and then we listen some more.  Sometimes we follow our intuition and boy, oh boy, things can get really interesting then!

What does this look like?  I am so glad you asked!  Mel Robbin’s new book, Kick Ass Coaching With Mel Robbins is, well, kick ass.  These are LIVE coaching sessions so you this is an audio – not a book.  If you don’t already have an Audible subscription, the first book is FREE so you have nothing to lose.  It’s easy squeasy!

If you are wondering what a coach does and if one can help you, Mel demonstrates her skillful and intuitive coaching for all to hear. 

Not only will you hear outstanding coaching, I hope you will find that the issue you’re dealing with – others are dealing with it as well.  So you may be find some answers to your “stuckness.”

Warning:  Mel’s language, as is her guest’s, gets a little saucy so if you don’t like cussing, you may not like this listen.