Busy beavers!

It’s been busy around here!  Jay and I moved from our 1,300 sq ft home into a 24 foot camper. That's about 1/10th of our former space! We had planned on launching out as full time RVers then we saw an ad for site caretakers at our favorite nature center and voila!  Here we are.  In the pines.

Our reasons for this are sort of Thoreau-ish.  We want to live more intentionally, get rid of clutter (both internal and external) and gain a fresh perspective as we move forward into this new season of life.  (Empty nesters!  How did that happen so quickly?!) We have always leaned toward minimalism and this is our experiment in a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity. 

In addition to moving activities, I have been working on my podcast – The Zany Sage Podcast.  And finishing a book – Secrets of a Craigslist Ninja.  My other book, Create a New Life – without going into witness protection, is also moving forward.  I’ve been just a little busy. 

So when I talk about creating a life you love and Mid Life Makeovers,  it isn’t just fluff.  We are very much in the midst of our own. 

If your life isn’t what you had hoped it would be, why not explore your own options for change.  You are not trapped. The options are more plenteous that you realize.