Be like a rock

I learned something interesting from my geology professor friend, Steve.  He stopped by our booth at the recent rock and gem show this past weekend where Jay and I had a booth.  (Check our rock website!)

We always learn something from Steve but this lesson stretches beyond rocks.  “Here, feel the difference,” he says, as he lays his hand on a flat of tumbled stones.

“Rocks will stay cool when they are under light. They don’t absorb the heat,” he said.  Man made materials will get warm under light. 

I place my hand on the rocks. Cool as a cucumber.  Or should I say, cool as a tumbled stone under a light.  (Hmm, that’s a big cumbersome, I’ll stick with the cucumber.  And did you notice that “cumbersome” contains part of the word cucumber?)

Steve said it has to do with the molecular structure of the rocks.  I need to adopt this mindset a bit – think like a rock when the heat is on.  And not lose my cool.