It's gotta go!

“We’re taking you in for surgery this afternoon,” the doc said. Alrighty then. It’s the day after Christmas and I reluctantly dragged my butt into an Urgent Care for a stomachache that was not going away. That doc sent me over to the ER.

A few hours later, poked, cat scanned,and medicated, they determined my appendix was no longer happy taking up residency in my gut. It was scary business because this girl is allergic to every antibiotic used for this sort of thing. The doctor consulted with the pharmacy and they, thankfully, had a new antibiotic that worked just fine.

After 20 minutes and 3 small incisions, I was on my way to recovery. My previously stratospheric white blood cell count dropped right back down to normal within hours. So, now here I sit, minus an appendix. (I had hoped the surgeon could take care of my pesky fat roll but no such luck.) The doc said that thing was perhaps a few hours away from rupturing.

A few things I was reminded of. Number one - new severe symptoms must be checked out. I usually chalk up any symptoms to TMS. I had figured initially it was eggnog with a side order of holiday stress. But after a night of feeling like I had a belly full of crushed glass, I knew my body was turning up the volume on its request for some attention. Had I waited longer on this, the outcome likely would have been quite different.

Second, this makes me think about things we hang on looooooooong after they need to go. Now granted, an acute appendicitis is a little different from hanging onto bad habits, old triggers and unhappiness. It is NOT easy establishing new healthful habits but the pain and toxicity of not doing so, I am convinced, is far worse.

If you want a fresh start in this new year, you may need a little surgery yourself.

PS Speaking of getting rid of stuff…if you or anyone you know of needs help decluttering their head, home or heart…I am here! (Okay, so I’m not supposed to lift over 20 pounds for the next month.) Check out the tabs under services offered - there is one for organizing and one for coaching. I would love to help make your 2019 clutter-free!