Does it spark rage?

Marie Kondo, author of The Magic of Tidying Up, now has a series on Netflix. I read her book when it first came out and loved the mindful, gentle way with which she deals with clutter. While I don’t subscribe to the Shinto philosophy driving her method, I love the mindfulness.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the short version goes like this: When you declutter, begin with a moment of gratitude for your stuff and your space. And then, item by item, you hold it and ponder the 10,000-dollar question - “Does this spark joy?” If the answer is no, it goes buh-bye.

For the average monkey-minded American who owns too much stuff, this approach is tedious to implement. Which is probably why it’s relegated to a spectator sport.

I think the more helpful question to ask - if we are to address clutter from the inside out, is “Does this spark rage?” Who me, angry? Yes, you.

Are you suffering with physical symptoms? Do you fly off the handle at something minor? Are you suffering because of an imbalance in your life - eating too much, procrastinating, etc.

My friends, these things are often rage in disguise. Dr. Sarno says most chronic physical symptoms are driven by repressed emotions, chiefly RAGE. Yeah, it’s hard to swallow if this idea is new to you.

It’s easier to distract than to face our shadow and the dark emotions that can lurk there. But it’s the only true way to declutter your heart.

Here are a few ways to handle it.:

  • First, be honest with yourself. If there is a person or a situation causing you grief, be honest about what you’re feeling. My favorite is to journal about it.

  • See if there is something you can change in the situation and do it.

  • Last, practice self-compassion and forgiveness. These are the keys to the kingdom, baby.

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