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You can heal

Be careful about reading health books, you may die from a misprint. Mark Twain

Pain is an epidemic and has become a multi-billion dollar industry. I'm going to guess that if you're reading this, you likely suffer from migraines or other chronic health issues. I suffered for many too years with fibromyalgia. No more.  And no, I'm not selling any supplements, physical therapy programs or magic crystals.  Join the thousands of people discovering the work of the late John E. Sarno, MD and healing from chronic back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue  and so many other health issues.  A vibrant life is closer than you realize!  Are you ready?


My friend Ashley is a parent coach and oh so much more! Her expertise as a DISC personality instructor means she can help you fast track a deeper understanding of both yourself and your partner. If you’re like most people, many of your TMS issues stem from relationship issues. I urge you to check out her offerings!


This is Dr. David Hanscom, Spinal Surgeon turned MindBody Practitioner.

More resources

Browse my book collection below. I have put together this list through years of research and personal experience. What i have compiled for you are my favorite and most helpful reads.

The TMS Wiki Page is the best resource for all things TMS.  You will find an active peer board as well as free programs and access to therapists specializing in TMS.

I am a podcast junkie!  Click below for a list of the ones that have enriched my life.  

The TMS Wiki has a free(!) Structured Educational Program.  It is a six-week educational program with journaling exercises. It was very helpful to me! Check it out! 

Knowledge of TMS only grows!  Click here for articles.