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All services feature customized organizing solutions & long-term maintenance strategies. (After all, effective organizing is sustainable!)

Enjoy having people over to your home. Save time because you’re not looking for stuff. Quit paying money to a storage unit.

Specialty Services

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Since Carson the Butler from Downton Abbey isn’t coming, the next best thing is to make sure your home is serving you and not the other way around. And while your tidy closet may not be able to fetch you a nice cup of tea, you will enjoy a new level of peace in your home knowing everything’s in its place.

From closet makeovers to dredging out pantries to creating space in the garage so you can actually park in there - these are just a few of the projects I can help you with.

If you’re needing some serious work, reach out via the clutter assessment below.

PS I do whole house clean outs too!

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Are you dreaming of living in a tiny house or an RV? I’ve done both and can help you sort through the realities. (Yes, it’s great but it ain’t all rainbows and unicorns!)

Or perhaps you simply want to lighten your “stuff” load and experience the joy of less. Love what you have and have what you love - keeping things simple adds more time and joy to your life.


Is clutter negatively impacting your business? If you spend too much time looking for things or having inefficient workflow, chances are good that it is!

When a client or customer walks into your business, is their first impression favorable? Or will they wonder if your cluttered reception room is representative of your work quality?

I can help you! I have helped doctor offices, non-profits and small business get organized and stay organized so they can bring their best work to the world.

Here’s What I Do

Each organizing project begins with a needs assessment as well as a tour of the area. If you are outside the immediate vicinity of Prescott, the consultation can be done virtually. I listen carefully to your pain points and together we create a tailored plan that best suits your needs. Does your kitchen need a more efficient work flow? Do you like your jeans on a shelf in the closet or in a drawer? What about kids’ toys?

Next, working together, we sort and classify items. I use three criteria: Keep, Give, or Sell. Often times we’ll have a “Think About It” box for things you are uncertain about. You will be amazed at the rapid transformation that takes place with focused help!

Next, we find homes for the “Keep” pile. We also create a system to keep things where they ought to be! For instance, if you usually pay bills at the kitchen table, we may wish to set up a bill paying corner in the kitchen instead of the home office.

Last but certainly not least, we talk about maintenance. We can approach this by discussing plans and systems to keep things running smoothly. Want occasional help? We can schedule quarterly “tune ups” so clutter seeds don’t begin to germinate. For regular clients, I can also help with seasonal projects like putting away Christmas decorations (think: No tangled lights!).

How Much Time Will It Take?

Organizing is a highly individualized process - this is why most organizers charge by the hour. One client may be ready to move quickly from room to room while another may need more time to process decisions. The time spent in the initial assessment will help me offer better time estimates but ultimately, the client will set the pace. And of course, sorting through a 40-year accumulation is going to take more time than a studio apartment with a modest amount of furnishings.

Here are some general estimates however: Closet-2-4 hours; Kitchen-8-14 hours; Two-car garage-10-20 hours; Living Room-4-8 hours; Storage unit clean out-4-10 hours.

My Rates and Service locations

I serve both the Prescott Quad Cities and the Phoenix Valley areas.

The assessment visit is for one hour and is $75. At this time, we will discuss your goals, strategies, and if possible, will tell you of some things you can do before our first organizing session. (This gives you an opportunity to lower your overall cost by doing things such as disposing of obvious debris first.) If you choose to proceed with a service package, you will receive a $45 credit.

My rates are $45/hour with a two-hour minimum or $400 for ten hours of service. You will set the pace for how quickly we tackle your objectives. Mileage rates outside of Prescott city limits are as follows: $10 up to 10 miles and $20 up to 20 miles. Distances beyond this will be negotiated. Payment is due at time of service, except for package rates which are payable in advance.

Rates for the Phoenix Valley are $65/hour or $600 for ten hours of service. Additional mileage costs may apply.

I keep sessions to four hours as this seems to be the most effective length of time to keep away overwhelm but if needed, we can schedule a full day. I accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards. I also offer monthly maintenance subscriptions for $40/hour, minimum of a four-hour commitment each month.

I also provide gift certificates. Give the gift of organization to a young family or busy professionals, or to a friend who wants to simplify but doesn’t know where to begin.