This book is a true eye opener. We carry around a lot of clutter with us, and not just in our closets and drawers. Time to get rid of all clutter and open our doors to new happiness and experiences…Thanks to Theresa Lode I am taking inventory of all clutter in my life…Her style of writing is amazing and I thoroughly recommend reading this book TODAY. It is one of those books you need to read every year as a reminder. Carol A. Stanley, Review on Amazon

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My reason for writing this book was based upon the belief that when you clear clutter, you create clarity. Especially here in America, we have too much stuff, too much to do and too much stress.

My unclutter message goes beyond tidy cupboards. I address the reason for the clutter behind the clutter. And I also help give readers tools so they can simply their lives in order that they can enjoy what matters most to them.

Are you ready to Badass Organize your life?