Professional Organizing Services

Service Agreement

This Agreement is between the Organizer, Theresa Lode and client, ____________________. Organizing services are usually preformed onsite but can also be done virtually using Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. This agreement is effective on the date written below. The assessment visit is for one hour and is $75. At this time, we will discuss your goals, strategies, and if possible, will tell you of some things you can do before our first organizing session. (This gives you an opportunity to lower your overall cost by doing things such as disposing of obvious debris first.) If you choose to proceed with a service package, you will receive a $45 credit.

My rates are $45/hour with a two-hour minimum or $400 for ten hours of service. You will set the pace for how quickly we tackle your objectives. Mileage rates outside of Prescott city limits are as follows: $10 up to 10 miles and $20 up to 20 miles. Distances beyond this will be negotiated. Payment is due at time of service, except for package rates which are payable in advance.

Rates for the Phoenix Valley are $65/hour or $600 for ten hours of service. Additional mileage costs may apply.

I limit sessions to four hours as this seems to be the optimum time to keep overwhelm at bay. However, if you need a full day session, we can arrange this as my schedule allows. Weekend hours are available at an additional $20/hour.

Professional Organizing is a partnership of mutual respect. I commit to honoring you, your agendas and desires. As the client, you have the final word in what stays, what goes, and what needs to be stored in a way that provides you with a peaceful home. I will never shame or bring judgement on your environment.

While organizing work is physical in nature, I do not do heavy lifting such has moving sofa beds or heavy boxes.

Our conversations will be direct and personal, honest, and straight forward with clarifying questions, strategic tools and approaches to empower and focus on outcomes. My goal is to leave you with sustainable systems that work for you and your household.

If you or I feel at any time that my services are beyond the scope of your needs, we both reserve the right to cancel this agreement.

Photography Consent - I take before and after pictures. I am proud of the work I do and would like to include it in my work history and may use them on my website or in brochures. There will be no personal identifying or geographic information in any photos. If you are uncomfortable with this, I will not take any photos.

Confidentiality is paramount; every precaution is taken to preserve your privacy during our work together.

Organizing appointments cancelled by the client without 24-hour notice will be charged for payment, at the discretion of the organizer.

By signing we both agree to the statements in this document. In the event something does not feel congruent for you, or you wish to change our plan, I trust you to let me know.

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