But enough about me, what do you have to say about me? Joking aside, here's what folks are saying:

I needed help getting clarity around the topic and title of a book I've been wanting to write. So, of course, I set up a coaching session with Theresa, the Queen of writing. She asked powerful questions that got the wheels in my head turning and which helped me get in touch with my core self so I could be sure my message is aligned with my mission. What a joy Theresa is - so fun, down to earth, inspiring and motivating. Loved working with her! ~
Jen Riday, Ph.D.
Woman's Happiness Expert
Host of the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast
www.jenriday.com | Vibrant Happy Women on Facebook

Working with Theresa was such a clarifying experience. She naturally infuses the conversation with genuine, nourishing words that are like balm on a sore spot. She expertly asks questions that help one uncover what is just below the surface and encourages manageable action steps. She's also got a great sense of humor! -
Jen Beyst, Executive Director

Many professionals utilize exceptional technical skills. Some professionals possess excellent people skills. Theresa Lode excels in both. A true and effective professional in all ways.
For these reasons I highly commend her person and services.

Kent Shelley, MRE, Registered Psychotherapist CRPO and Certified Life Coach
LifeMatters Counselling

Theresa has the most encouraging, uplifting and positive voice you could possibly have cheering you on, she has influenced my life and my direction. With clarity and kindness, she helped me to accomplish what needed to be done as if it were the simplest thing in the world!   Do it. Engage her help! She is a rare treasure in this industry!
Amanda Y., Real Estate Agent
Chattanooga, TN

Theresa has an amazing ability to be “real” with you in a way that is humorous and fun…and right when you think it’s all entertaining…boom- she hits you with such wisdom you have to put it on repeat. Her insights and guidance supported with love, humor and empathy make her a solid coach that will push you further than you ever expected! 
Ashley Logsdon, Owner and Insanely optimistic dreamer at
Mama Says Namaste.

You have this amazing spirit and energy that’s contagious and when you listen, you really, really listen and you can tell you are genuine and authentic in the way you carry yourself. I love reading your writing and following your blog because it makes me laugh, it makes me ponder and think about things differently. Your words challenge ordinary thinking. Most importantly, you are kind and have a good heart, always having the other person in mind. 
Ginger Campbell, Certified Health Coach 

Theresa's coaching is done with a kind heart that is most evident by her smile.  She helped me immeasurably by cutting to the chase and asking the right questions.  I had to take an honest look at the way I've been doing things.  She easily and graciously brought me back to my real desires and not the perceived ones that I was holding onto.  The most important thing she did for me was to help me to see me!  It is an ongoing process, but I always look back to Theresa's probing questions when I revert to my old ways of thinking; getting me back on track with my real goals and desires for my life. 
Kelly A., Home Stylist
North Dakota