Hi, I'm T...

and I'm guilty...

of attempting to flee the scene of my life.  (Sometimes I want to slap people too but that's for another time.) 

When I was in my 40's, I hit a low point.  My life had been all about my family.  And my carefully constructed persona. Somewhere the real me got lost.  A fibromyalgia diagnosis confirmed the mounting evidence: I wasn't happy.  And a one-way ticket to a far away land sound mighty fine. 

But since the chances of me being a candidate for Witness Protection were minimal, I decided I'd better pony up and get this stuff sort out.  This is not how I wanted to live!

(Cue for the sad music to fade into the happy inspirational music...)

Thankfully, I did sort things out.  Oh, WITSEC stills sounds good some days, this is a process after all!  My biggest lesson: I am enough.  And so are you. 

How about you?  Are you plotting your escape?

I can help you.  As a Certified Life Coach, I offer a partnership that helps you uncover and explore the riches that are within you.  Think of it as a great treasure hunt - without needing a passport or risking malaria exposure.

Get your head sorted out.  Clarify your priorities.  Put feet to your goals. 

It'll take some work and at times it can be scary.  That's where the partnership comes in handy.  We may even share a few laughs and have some fun. 

About Me - I was a life coach long before I knew what a coach was.  I attribute this in part to my parents referring to me as a “35-year-old-midget” while still in single digits. Through school and years later as a homeschool mom and parent of an ADHDer, I found people would seek me out for advice or a word of encouragement.

Because of my love for encouraging others, I’ve been a freelance writer for many years and have written for newspapers and magazines on a variety of topics.

This means I’ve had my nose in books. I especially love reading books on psychology, neurology, personal growth, spiritual topics, and a few novels tossed in here and there.

For those who are interested in creds, I am a graduate of Helena College (nursing) and Yavapai College (AGS) where I also earned advanced certification as a professional life coach.

As a writer, speaker and professional coach, it is my joy and privilege to encourage folks on tapping into their most authentic self in order to find a deeply satisfying and joy filled life.

My partner-in-crime, Jay, and I have been married for 29 years. We have three extraordinary young adult children and love watching their journeys unfold.

My favorite pastimes include reading, shakin’ what my mama gave me in Zumba, being in nature and playing the piano.  Good coffee and conversation make my tail wag. 

Want help investigating your crime scene?

Following is a short clip of me sharing my healing story at a film showing for "All the Rage."