I am not a teacher, I am an awakener - Robert Frost


Little league, swimming, golf swing, there’s a coach for any sport.  For collegiate or professional sports, having an high octane coach is the difference between a so-so season and a championship team.  These coaches understand how to motivate and bring athletes to a higher level of success

A life coach is no different.  A life coach helps clients get “unstuck” and create a plan of action for whatever area of their life they’re hoping to improve.  While there can be specific goals, such as creating a new business or increasing one’s health, coaching is holistic, meaning every area of a client’s life is improved.  Other people may need help identifying what they really want, the “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up “ syndrome.  They just sense something feels out of alignment in their life.  Or they may be overwhelmed and day dreaming of running away (ahem, so I've heard). 

There are specific coaches for specific purposes: Executive Coaches, Career Coaches,  Health Coaches and so much more.  The key to success in any of these areas, however, is the coaching process.  

Through a relationship of mutual trust, the coach’s job is to help lead in a powerful discovery process to move the needle on goal obtainment.  The client’s agenda is the Prime Directive, as they say in Star Trek.  

The agenda will be as unique as the client.  Maybe you want to be a better parent or figure out what to do after retirement.  Maybe you want to heal from Fibromyalgia (like I did), or maximize your health.

This is not hokum, new-age feel good woo. Coaching is a powerful process of self-discovery that has been developed over many years and has a proven track record for success.  Research supports its effectiveness.

Coaching focuses on what's STRONG, not what's WRONG!

But what do you DO?

First and foremost, the process involves deep listening, powerful questioning and finally developing a course of action with a timeline.

When was the last time you had someone partner with you for your success on that level?  The most beautiful thing about the process, in my opinion, is that it awakens the genius within.  And yes, I am talking to YOU.   You will learn, through the coaching process, that you are more brilliant and resilient than you realize.  And you will be equipped to move forward into the life you always dreamed about.

The Sessions
The sessions can be as flexible as you need.  Usually, they are a 50 minutes to an hour long on a weekly basis for three months.  That seems to be the sweet spot for gaining successes and implementing changes.

Some folks may just need a one-hour clarification session.  Other may desire an intensive block of time stretching to several hours over a weekend.  Whatever you need – YOU drive the agenda.

The First Session
The first session is usually free.  In my practice, I call this the Discovery Session.  It’s an opportunity to sit and chat to determine if coach and client are a good fit for one another.  (If I feel your needs are beyond the scope of the coaching perimeters, I will happily refer you to one who is a better match.)  The coach will outline the expectations of the engagement and answer any questions the prospective client may have.


What coaching IS

Coaching is a powerful process that helps awaken the clients to their inner wisdom.  While a session may include consulting, should the client so desire, a coach will make that distinction.