Get a new life - Without going into witness protection!

I admit.  I've lived many years dreaming about slipping off to a new country and assuming a new identity.  A fresh start for the REAL me.  Only I was having trouble finding the real me.  To make matters worse, I chose to just not think about the growing discontent in my life.

Until it got to the point that I couldn't NOT think about it. I was tired of hurting. Tired of feeling like my life was all about others' expectations. Fibromyalgia and depression made me realize something HAD to change. And having had experienced the loss of four family members, I knew I need to embrace that change sooner than later if I was going to make the most of this brief time on earth.

How about you?  Are you ready to find a life that you love?

I can help you. I'm not a therapist, a guru or a co-dependent looking to fix you.  I am Certified Life Coach and I help people just like you tap into their brilliance and find the joy-filled and purposeful life they were meant to live.  (Bonus - Plan on some fun.  I'm called the "Zany Sage" for a reason!)

I am here to partner with you and together, we'll map out a way to improve your life.  My job is to help lead you in a powerful discovery process of how to make it happen.

What is coaching? Here's more information!

Your agenda will be as unique as you. Maybe you want to be a better parent, launch a business and or figure out what to do after retirement.

Maybe you want to heal from fibromyalgia (like I did) or other chronic pain conditions.  (Yes, it is possible!)  Many chronic pain issues are rooted in deeper life issues.

Coaching is a powerful process of self-discovery that has been developed over many years and has a proven track record for success.  (This is also why I am pursuing credentialing with International Coaching Federation – the standards they have developed set the bar on coaching quality.)

Want to know more?  I offer a free 30-minute Discovery Session to help us both determine if we're a good fit for each other.  No obligation, no bullshit. 

I offer coaching packages tailored to your needs.  I recommend a minimum of 12 weekly, 50 minute sessions- this seems to be the "sweet spot" for achieving results.  But of course, if you simply need a pow-wow session or two, we can do that too! 

If you're in Prescott, Arizona, we can meet face to face but most of my client sessions are done are via Skype or the phone.  During the period ofyour engagement, I offer unlimited email access should you desire to check in or have accountability.

Additionally, if you desire couples coaching, we can do that too.  Jay and I have been married for over 28 years and have done a lot of coaching before we even knew what coaching was!

We can put together a coaching package that would please Goldilocks.  Questions?  Give me a shout out!


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